Tips to Stay Away from Hazards with the Best Golf GPS

Hazard detection and identification are the basic features of the best golf GPS systems today and Golf GPS reviews are very helpful if you are in search of one. They can clearly display the distances from your current position to the various types of hazards in the golf course with high precision values. Some advanced golf GPS devices can also show you the types of recommended shots to overcome these hazards. You can learn about the angle of elevation, shot strength, swing angle and the right body posture to effectively execute those shots. As you know there are two basic types of hazards in the golf course, namely the water hazards and the bunker hazards. Make sure that the best golf GPS you select is able to detect both the types and their sub types.

Hazard Types – Golf GPS Reviews

If you wish to select the best golf GPS which can detect maximum types of hazards, you should read through the golf GPS reviews which cover some of the most important hazard features.

  • Left Fairway Bunker As the name suggests this bunker is located on the left fair way. After identifying the bunker the system can be optimized to show you the best of shots for clearing that hazard from your current. Position. The angle and the force of shot depend on the distance between the hazard and the current position of your ball. The best golf GPS considers the line of hit, closest proximity to the ball, club selection and body stance and swing angle selection. Do not strike the ball with more force than recommended by the device as it might end up falling short of the target.
  • Right Fairway Water carry is another type of hazard in the golf course. Estimate the distance of the carry over water in yards from your GPS device. Use the device to calculate the landing distance of the ball based on the club type, target selection and the number of handicaps. This will also give you the swing angle, force of shot and the acceleration required. Once you hit the ball by following the set parameters you will be able to clear the Right Fairway Water carry easily.

There are many other types of hazards in the golf course which require accurate shot selection and execution. You will be able to find complete details in the golf GPS reviews. You need to search based on the specific type of hazard that you wish to clear.

Hazard Marking Recognition- Golf GPS Buying Guide

The best golf GPS device you select should be able to identify the markings near the hazards clearly. The markings are in yellow or red. There are many subsets to these main sets. There are also many golf rules which govern the clearance of these hazards. You may not be able to remember all these rules every time you try to clear the hazard. So your best golf GPS should be backed up by some sort of powerful software app which stores these information types in its database. You can find many such GPS devices when you read through the golf GPS buying guide.

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