Alana Rocklin- The Lady Behind The Success Of The “Universe Inside”

“The Universe Inside” is the latest release from the band STS9 known worldwide as the best versatile electronic jam band. This is their full length first LP in the span of 7 years and has more of vocal songs than typically their instrumental output. To be more specific, this album is influenced highly by the pop trend that prevailed during the 70s and 80s. Not to be missed, it is the first one by STS9 to be anchored fully by Alana Rocklin– The bassist.  Rocklin’s contribution for the foundation of the album is beyond expression by merely words.

Alana Rocklin

Her collaboration with STS9

It is in the year 2014 that Rocklin joined the band after the departure of David Murphy- the founding member of STS9. This Nashville lady comes from a varied musical background with an impressive resume. She did a musical course with specialization in bass from ‘The University Of Michigan’ and made her path to the city of music. She worked for several years as a “session musician” before joining STS9. Classical, rock, jazz, hip-hop etc. form a small part of her extensive knowledge in music. The best part hitched to Alana Rocklin is she knows the art of balancing her personal and professional life equally and classifying priorities.

You will find many female bassists throughout the world but someone like Rocklin is difficult to be found. It is since her debit officially with STS9 at The McDowell Music Festival that this new member has gained popularity. Earlier she has performed in New York with the band at “the Hudson project and each and every time she steps on the stage, she manages to evoke the adrenaline rush in the audience. With her performance, she exemplify that not only a man but the touch of a woman can also take the performance of a band to the topmost position.

Some interesting facts about Rocklin

The way she manages syncing with the performance of other band members at the same time holding on to her own musical flavor is worth watching/ hearing. For those who are interested to know more about this mysterious bass player, here you can give some rest to your curiosity.

. Alana Rocklin manages playing the “upright bass” in an inspiring and chill provoking manner. Her performance at Austin Music hall during the band’s (STS9) fall tour stop revealed the same.

. She is affiliated with nearly 1320 records through her SUBB-ID project in association with Brad Bowden prior to her joining with STS9.

. Her work has been broadcasted on NBC.  It is with regard to “Golden Age”- the new record of Daniel Martin Moore.

. She had a musical tour with Jim James to support his solo album- “Regions of Light and Sound of God”.

. “God Forgives, I don’t”- The popular Rick Ross rap record played by Alana was nominated under the section- “best rap album” for Grammy.

. She has been playing bass since the age of 10 and along with Brad Bowden- her husband, Alana Rocklin owns ‘New polyphony Productions’- a production firm involved with various musical projects.

.Not to be missed, along with her success in music, she has proved to be a good mother as well. She has a son aged 8.

Truly, the success of Rocklin is worth applauding. Wishing many more from you lady.


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