How to Do Affiliate Marketing With No Money

The idea is simple, you get traffic and send them into the seller you are promoting. If any sale occur, you get a commission.

But I guess you’re wondering how do you begin without needing to invest any money.

Folks try to find money when they don’t have much. That could be you. Or maybe you just don’t want to spend any without at least testing it first, checking it out if affiliate marketing is a true deal.

Either, whatever motive it is you refuse to shell out money on your internet affiliate marketing company, that’s up to you. But later when you are earning some money, you might want to start spending a while and scaling up your affiliate marketing business.

First you want to decide on a product you want to promote. As you are probably new at this, I want to give you a tip to selecting a product. Popular products may sell well but are stiff in competitions. A lot of other affiliates are already promoting it.

It is possible to go to that helps sellers sell electronic products like eBook and applications. You may register as an affiliate there. Through their Marketplace, you can select which product you need to market. If you are not into electronic products, you can join Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tutorial and later send visitors to

Aritlce marketing is good for generating traffic. This is where you compose related posts and submit them to article directories. I recommend that you publish your articles to,, and

But since informative article directories do not enable you to promote your affiliate product inside your article, you need to build yourself a website. Your website is the one which is going to be boosting your affiliate product.

Let us talk about building your site. We’ll get back to article marketing in a little.

Do not be worried about building a website, it’s simple. With Web 2.0, Ajax, what’s just point and click. No programming and coding needed.

Since you don’t wish to spend any money, you can use services like, or A single page site is sufficient where you write something concerning the product you are promoting. I recommend either a product review where your pour out your heart, or you write a tutorial on the best way to use the item. Although you don’t wish to spend money, I would advise that you at least purchase the product you’re promoting, so you are able to market better.

You can get the perfect connection in the control panel of your affiliate application.

Now you get your website ready, we will need to make sure that people that are reading your posts at article directories may get to your website.

When writing an guide, you’re allowed to write a bio for your writer.

This is where you connect back to your site. Many folks simply write something which builds up the author. But I would not recommend that because does not get people to click to see your website. Instead write something like, “If you want to understand how you can help dogs with arthritis, then click over to my website.”

Alright, in short, people will find your posts at article directories. And out of there folks will find your site from your bio. At your site, they’ll read your review or your tutorial. Then they will click on your affiliate website and receive the seller that’s selling the product.

Maybe you believe that this really is a lot of work. Perhaps you think that the practice is overly long. Do not worry about it, this functions. Maybe it will not work straight away. However, it does.

If you are really planning to try this out, then write at least 3 articles per day for an entire month. And then publish them to article directories.

If you truly do this, I wager you ought to be able to see some results within that first month. Whenever you do, don’t forget to reinvest it.